Drug & Alcohol Evaluation (SASSI-4)


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SASSI-4 Evaluation

The SASSI is the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory.  It is designed to identify the presence or absence of a substance use disorder.  The SASSI-4 screens for substance abuse disorders along the full DSM-5 continuum of severity: mild, moderate, and severe substance use disorder.

  • How accurate is the SASSI-4? Is it actually reliable for everyone? The SASSI Institute has published the following information regarding its accuracy and reliability:

    • Identifies high or low probability of substance use disorders and includes a prescription drug scale that identifies individuals likely to be abusing prescription medications. It also provides a measure of profile validity and clinical insight into level of defensiveness and willingness to acknowledge experienced consequences of substance use disorder

      Ages:18 years and up
      Reading grade Level: 4th – 5th
      Accuracy: 92% Based on empirical studies
      Administration: 15 minutes to administer and score

If you'd like to learn more, you may refer to the following document:  Estimates of the Reliability and Criterion Validity of the Adult SASSI-4, which is publicly available through The SASSI Institute.  

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Payment Plans

No payment plans available.  Payment is due at the time of the evaluation, unless the client has a payment plan in place for another class. We accept cash and credit/debit cards. No checks.

What Do I Bring?

Bring a pen and your case number.  We cannot perform the evaluation without your case number. If your case is still open, bring the contact information for your attorney; email address is preferable.  If you are on probation, we will need the name and email address/fax number of your probation officer. If you require that a copy of your certificate of completion be sent to another party, such as an out of state DPS office, or a SAP agent, you will need to bring their contact information, preferably an email address/fax number.

How Long Does It Take? 

It depends on how much time you need to complete the evaluation.  Some people require more or less time than others.  Give yourself at least a 30-minute window of time.  You will be required to complete a personal information questionnaire in addition to the completion of the screening instrument.

How does my completion of the Evaluation get reported?  

We will email or fax a copy of your evaluation results to the probation officer or other party that you designate in your authorization for release of information. In order for us to do so, you must provide us with the up-to-date contact information of these parties, preferably an email address or fax number.  If you are on probation, you must provide us with the name of your probation officer.

Do you have access to my court records?  

No. We are a for-profit privately owned business that is certified by the State of Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation to offer Offender Education courses.  We are not privileged to your case, court records, or probation information.  You are responsible for informing us of your case number, probation officer, attorney, or any other third-party that needs to be notified of your course completion.  You are also responsible for knowing the details of your case; which agency your evaluation results need to be sent to, and which agency is mandating that you take this evaluation.


This evaluation does not involve a certificate.  You will be provided with a receipt.  You will not be given a full copy of your generated substance abuse profile report.  A copy of the report will be sent directly to the agent you specify: your attorney, probation officer, or third-party.  If at a later date, you require the report to be sent to another agent that was not originally specified, give us a call or send us an email and we will send a copy of the report to any additional designated parties once you have completed the necessary release form.

Missed Appointments

Unlike regularly scheduled courses, our hours are very flexible when it comes to providing evaluations.  Call and let us know if you can't make your appointment and we will reschedule.  There are no fees for missed appointments.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phone use is not permitted during the administration of the evaluation.

Our program meets the requirements as defined below:

You may be required to complete this drug and alcohol evaluation as a condition of your probation, by court-order, as part of an employer mandate, or as directed by CPS.

This evaluation is not to be confused with the TAIP: Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration Program evaluation.  The TAIP evaluation will be scheduled by your probation officer. You will meet with a State of Texas licensed counselor who will document your drug and alcohol use history and submit any recommendations for further treatment directly to your probation officer.

If your probation paperwork simply says Drug and Alcohol Evaluation, then our SASSI-4 evaluation will likely meet your probation requirements.

If your probation paperwork says TAIP Evaluation, this is not scheduled with us. Contact your probation officer for more information.

TAIP Overview. (Not scheduled with us. FYI only)

If you need a TAIP screening/assessment, it will be scheduled by your probation officer.

Overview of the program according to Bexar County CSCD: TAIP is a comprehensive screening, assessment, and referral (SAR) program initiated in 1992, and developed in collaboration with Department of State Human Services (DSHS) to target the chemically dependent offender population who would benefit more from treatment services than from incarceration.  The TAIP assessor administers the SAE assessment tool to utilize four of the seven ways to reduce recidivism.  It is utilized to identify offenders who have the risk to re-offend and have criminogenic needs to receive services within the treatment resources of the Bexar County CSCD.

TAIP provides SAR services to over 7,000 offenders per year drawn from pre-adjudicated referrals (PSI), mandated post-adjudicated referrals and mandated referrals from violation of prior probation.  The program provides not only SAR services but makes referrals for intensive and supportive outpatient substance abuse treatment services to Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors (LCDC) employed by the CSCD.

If you have questions regarding your driver license contact the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) customer service Monday -Friday 7:30am – 6:00pm.

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For Spanish call: (512) 424-7181

That’s the problem with drinking, I thought, as I poured myself a drink. If something bad happens you drink in an attempt to forget; if something good happens you drink in order to celebrate; and if nothing happens you drink to make something happen.
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