Drug & Alcohol Counseling

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Real Talk Counseling with Jose N. Flores



Liberty University
Master of Arts - Professional Counseling
(In Progress)

Texas A&M University - San Antonio
B.A.A.S Social Sciences Concentration

San Antonio College
A.A.S. Human Services - Addictions Counseling


  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor
    DSHS License # LCDC 13745

  • Certified Criminal Justice Addictions Professional
    TCBAP License # CCJP 1884-1118

  • Community Community Health Worker
    DSHS License # CHW 8482

Drug & Alcohol Counseling

All of our counselors are fully licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services. A Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) is authorized to provide chemical dependency counseling services involving the application of the principles, methods, and procedures of the chemical dependency profession. We are bound by our profession’s ethical standards and strive to provide the highest quality chemical dependency counseling services.

Our Clients:

We can address substance abuse, dependency, and its impact on you and your family. Counseling services are provided to users, family members, and any other individual involved in a significant relationship with the user.

Our focus:

Our services are focused on assisting individuals or groups to develop an understanding of chemical dependency problems. We will help you define your goals and plan action reflecting your interests, abilities, and needs, as affected by chemical dependency.

Fully paperless

Our services include secure, mobile-friendly paperless intakes. No more wasting valuable time filling out paperwork at your first appointment. You can complete all required documents from your computer, phone, or tablet and electronically sign them with HIPAA-complient e-signatures.

Online Counseling

Simple and Stress-Free! No more worrying about transportation or traffic.

Start a Telehealth appointment from anywhere, on any device. Just click a link to start— no logins, no passwords, no hassle. We will send you automatic reminders so you don’t miss appointments.

Secure & HIPAA Compliant

Your video appointments are always protected with bank-level encryption and security. Our service is reliable, trustworthy, and your data is protected.

Receive secure, HIPAA compliant messages

Our service is optimized for mobile messaging. Reschedule appointments, make payments, all through our client portal.

Schedule Appointments On Your Own Time

With Online Booking, you can check our counselors’ availability and request appointments with the click of a button.

Make Payments Conveniently

You can make payments anytime through our Client Portal.

New Clients: Initial Substance Abuse Screening & Brief Intervention Services

1-Hour $70

Individual Counseling Services

30 Minutes $40

45 Minutes $55

60 Minutes $70

Group Counseling Services

Group Therapy 60 Minutes $40

Group Family Therapy 60 Minutes $40

We Accept Insurance

Did you know that the Affordable Care Act mandated coverage for substance abuse services?

All Marketplace plans cover mental health and substance abuse services as essential health benefits.

Mental and behavioral health services are essential health benefits

All plans must cover:

  • Behavioral health treatment, such as psychotherapy and counseling

  • Mental and behavioral health inpatient services

  • Substance use disorder (commonly known as substance abuse) treatment

*Your specific behavioral health benefits will depend on your state and the health plan you choose.

Pre-existing mental and behavioral health conditions are covered, and spending limits aren’t allowed

  • Marketplace plans can’t deny you coverage or charge you more just because you have any pre-existing condition, including mental health and substance use disorder conditions.

  • Coverage for treatment of all pre-existing conditions begins the day your coverage starts.

  • Marketplace plans can’t put yearly or lifetime dollar limits on coverage of any essential health benefit, including mental health and substance use disorder services.

Parity protections for mental health services

Marketplace plans must provide certain "parity" protections between mental health and substance abuse benefits on the one hand, and medical and surgical benefits on the other.

This generally means limits applied to mental health and substance abuse services can’t be more restrictive than limits applied to medical and surgical services. The limits covered by parity protections include:

  • Financial — like deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket limits

  • Treatment — like limits to the number of days or visits covered

  • Care management — like being required to get authorization of treatment before getting it